zegna opens a boutique in madrid

Zegna opens a boutique in Madrid

Sumary of Zegna opens a boutique in Madrid:

  • Located in a location where historic international credit institutions were present in the last century, the boutique pays homage to the past by reinterpreting the classic furnishings of banks in a contemporary key.
  • In addition to the most iconic proposals of the brand, including the Triple Stitch sneaker and the overshirt, the store hosts the Made to Measure area, where the large brass lanterns coming from the atrium of a bank and the ancient safes with their keys stand out.
  • Text size The luxury menswear brand Zegna has inaugurated a new store in Madrid, a space of 150 square meters designed by the Artistic Director The new Zegna boutique in Madrid The store features the brand’s logo on the facade, redesigned with a contemporary font that reflects the new identity of Zegna and its Luxury Leisurewear approach, characterized by practicality and pragmatism.

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