bianca saunders minimalist glamour

Bianca Saunders, minimalist glamour  

Sumary of Bianca Saunders, minimalist glamour  :

  • An exit from the Bianca Saunders fashion show There is order and discipline in the world of Bianca Saunders.
  • The jackets are minimalist, clean from excesses and closed by a pleat that ripples the structure.
  • The trench coats have oversized proportions, with drawstrings to give movement.
  • She does not give up on prints with an impetuous kinetic movement, a trompe l’oeil motif of which she has made a signature that seals her Jamaican origins.
  • The designer dares to wear mesh suits in metallic shades, making reds vibrate and silver gleam, always with grace.

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