milan fashion shows yin and yang on the catwalk

Milan fashion shows: yin and yang on the catwalk

Sumary of Milan fashion shows: yin and yang on the catwalk:

  • A fashion show that presses to make you think, to make you find your own vision of the present, which demands a critical point of view.
  • By GCDS, the reassuring style in its apparent immutability of Emporio Armani.
  • D ApranoGetty Images In the middle, between the two opposites, all that fashion can and can be, all the shades of gray between white and absolute black: the slightly nostalgic, discreet and timeless elegance of Max Mara , the hippie but post-atomic atmospheres of Blumarine, the improbable clothes, landed on Earth from an alien planet
  • Who knows how to read what’s behind trousers, who sees an entire ideology in filigree through a jacket.
  • Maybe not many, maybe not all so radical in their legitimate claim to interpretation, but there are some.
  • This time, huge red hearts a little here and a little there, references to the world of boating, life jackets, mattresses, deck chairs, to end in a triumph of technicolor inflatables, including dolphins and swans.
  • Children’s games that become adults, but which do not require anything other than oneself to entertain.

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