11teamsports establish a football academy with maik franz

11teamsports establish a football academy with Maik Franz

Sumary of 11teamsports establish a football academy with Maik Franz:

  • The football training – designed together with world champion fitness maker Benjamin Kugel – follows the new game forms developed by the DFB with funino goals and lots of ball contact.
  • In addition to classic football training, the focus is on the pillars of fitness training, mental training and healthy nutrition.
  • If we then give them something for life based on our five pillars, the basic idea of ​​our camps is fully fulfilled, says Maik Franz, Managing Director of 11teamsports Academy GmbH.
  • On the basis of this holistic concept for care, exercise and enthusiasm, children and young people between the ages of six and 13 will be able to train professionally and in a way that is suitable for children in holiday camps.
  • The Social Usage pillar addresses the responsible use of social media.
  • To strengthen their self-confidence, the kids should also get their heads in shape.
  • Soccer personality Maik Franz – 11teamsports With a 5-pillar model, which Maik Franz developed in close cooperation with experts from his network, they want to offer a new and unique dimension of children’s and youth training.

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