bcc says government is running out of time to support businesses

BCC says government is ‘running out of time’ to support businesses

Sumary of BCC says government is ‘running out of time’ to support businesses:

  • The organisation describe a five-point plan to support enterprises, which would include give Ofgem with more energy to strengthen rule of the energy market, an acting separate in VAT to five proportion and covid-style support through a government Emergency Energy Grant for SMEs.
  • The text comes as concerns surrounding the cost-of-living crisis deepens, as well as the Bank of England’s predictions of a recession, with the BCC stating that the government is running out of moment to offer enterprises and units the support they need.
  • Additionally, the BCC has requested for the acting reversal of national security taxes (NIC) and for the government to review and improvement the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) to help transport down wage pressure and fill vacancies.

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