how to spot a fake kn95 mask

How to Spot a Fake KN95 Mask

Sumary of How to Spot a Fake KN95 Mask:

  • Cloth masks aren’t as effective against the rapidly spreading omicron variant of COVID-19, so there’s a push from health officials to wear N95 or KN95 masks.
  • They’re higher quality and offer a tighter, more secure fit than reusable cloth or surgical masks.
  • N95 and KN95 masks (made in the U.S. and China respectively), are equally effective at filtering out 95 percent of airborne particles.
  • Since health care professionals should have priority using N95s, they may be hard to find, making KN95 masks the next best option.
  • When you order KN95 masks for you and your kids, you should know that fake KN95 masks exist.

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