september good fitness resolutions all the tips for getting back into shape

September, good fitness resolutions, all the tips for getting back into shape

Sumary of September, good fitness resolutions, all the tips for getting back into shape:

  • Eating should always be a pleasure but it is important to eat healthily, with meals that are balanced carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • A greater inner awareness generates a better image of ourselves, of our body and this is one of the good intentions to follow.
  • For too long they have been denigrated, but it is now known that the so-called good fats, such as raw extra virgin olive oil should not be missing, which are also essential for blood coagulation, for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and immune system and for the power.
  • Choosing to feel good through a positive lifestyle is a concept that goes beyond nutrition, which takes into account it but also physical activity and mindfulness.
  • Then the movement, walking to get around the city or doing it as a sporting activity maybe in the green early in the morning at a fast pace, using the bicycle as a means of transport, in addition to the real sport to do in the gym or home free body, constancy as we said before it is fundamental.
  • Because if you really want to feel good, nutrition and physical exercise It is a question on the one hand of eliminating harmful foods and inserting positive ones and on the other exercising Consistency is the key word, it does not matter or in any case it does not only count.
  • No longer long and slow training sessions but playing with the intensity of the load, the most appropriate moments of the day and also making use of resistance exercise.

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