the classs new program has reset my spirit for 2022

The Class’s New Program Has Reset My Spirit for 2022

Sumary of The Class’s New Program Has Reset My Spirit for 2022:

  • Created by The Class instructor Karla Misjan, Beyond Resolutions is a four-week program aiming to get to the root of our reasoning for even making resolutions at all.
  • Journaling, meditation, EFT tapping, and The Class are just some of the sessions folded into the program’s curriculum.
  • Over the course of the four weeks, instructors Mallory Meeks, Aimee Cox, Katie Facada, Erin Ward, Amanda Martinez, Marina Trejo, and founder of The Class Taryn Toomey guide participants through a curated set of themed classes designed to create an emotional shift away from over-analyzing our lives and tap into a deeper sense of who we are.
  • Week one of Beyond Resolutions is available for free on The Class’s site now, with the ability to access the remaining weeks via a 14-day free trial to The Class Digital.
  • If you’re already a member of The Class Digital, you can already access the program with your usual login.

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