we have to talk about systemic abuse in womens sports

We Have to Talk About Systemic Abuse in Women’s Sports

Sumary of We Have to Talk About Systemic Abuse in Women’s Sports:

  • My trainer had near-unilateral regulate over my contract, which gave me my accommodate, my salary, my means of living, and my future occupation in soccer.
  • In soccer specifically, the society of mistreatment, whether emotional, verbal, or sexual, has been so engrained into the psyches of young players that it is often difficult to know it happening as you get old.
  • Only when I decided I no longer wanted to play soccer professionally anymore did I feel comfortable enough (and fail-safe enough) to tell my tale.
  • When I first came forward about my experiences while playing at the Washington Spirit, an expert team in the National Women Soccer League (NWSL), I had no concept the magnitude of the conversation I was starting.

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