what a roe v wade overturn could mean for ivf

What a Roe v. Wade Overturn Could Mean For IVF

Sumary of What a Roe v. Wade Overturn Could Mean For IVF:

  • That means that it has to be treated as an organism and that it has legal rights. This is problematic considering IVF generally involves fertilizing multiple eggs and then discarding (rather than insert) those that are not viable or needed, Farrell says.
  • Scientists (and anyone who had education with IVF) know that just because a sperm and an ovum have met and formed a plant, it doesnt equate to that plant becoming an organism.
  • During IVF, a sperm and an ovum are fertilized outside of the humankind body in a workplace to create a plant.
  • By diversify the thinking in the draft belief, they could concept certain components of IVF unethical or illegal.

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