What happened to Natalie Portman’s style?

Sumary of What happened to Natalie Portman’s style?:

  • A power-up that Natalie worked hard on, with gym sessions aimed at strengthening her upper body.
  • Training thanks to which Portman has benefited from the entire silhouette (have you seen that toned legs?).
  • Third time, in fact, for Natalie Portman in the role of Jane Foster, the cute and petite scientist, a bit nerd, who with her tenacity breaks into the heart of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the very first live action, of 2011, dedicated to the God of thunder.
  • But in the new Marvel chapter, 9 years after the first film, it is she who has the muscles suitable to hold the very heavy hammer Mjolnir, which only Thor can lift and which, exceptionally, can be wielded by those who are worthy of it.

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