what is prep and who should take it

What Is PrEP, and Who Should Take It?

Sumary of What Is PrEP, and Who Should Take It?:

  • The CDC considers PrEP to demand a high stage of support, convey act PrEP is a serious seriousness part of a large, across-the-board HIV-prevention idea you decide with your healthcare provider.
  • HIV and immunodeficiencies mean different things, as someone with HIV is think to have immunodeficiencies when the T-cell count falls to a certain stage or if they develop one or more opportunistic infections — convey infections that occur in groups with agree immune systems.
  • While HIV-prevention rates remain high with all three PrEP options, your doctor will look at your manner and other factors (like appoint sex) to help determine which is the right option for you.
  • (You can find this out by visiting the CDC Atlas equipment to see maps of HIV rates in your location.) Men who have sex with men.

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