what to expect from an emdr therapy session

What to Expect From an EMDR Therapy Session

Sumary of What to Expect From an EMDR Therapy Session:

  • Body examination: Your expert will ask you to hold the target representation and your positive content in your cognition while mentally scanning your body to determine if any disturbance remains regarding the target representation, Dr. Fedrick explains.
  • [T]reatment intend is finish jointly between the client and expert, to ensure they both have an understanding and are in agreement with care contents, Dr. Fedrick notes.
  • With EMDR, you appoint which event you want to target and then intentionally concentrations on this event to work to desensitize the heavy emotions and reprocess the antagonistic contents associated with it, Dr. Fedrick says.
  • Many cases feel anxious about the contents or sensitivities that might arise during this moment, Dr. Fedrick says.

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