alessia marcuzzi changes her look now she has caramel shades on dark hair

Alessia Marcuzzi changes her look: now she has caramel shades on dark hair

Sumary of Alessia Marcuzzi changes her look: now she has caramel shades on dark hair:

  • She said goodbye to dark brown monochromatic hair, she added some adorable caramel shades on her tips, so as to make her image of her brighter.
  • Although she left the medium and scaled cut unchanged, she added a touch Alessia Marcuzzi with caramel shades Alessia Marcuzzi’s new hair look Alessia Marcuzzi returned to the hairdresser a few days after the previous visit, to be precise in one of the salons of the Aldo chain Coppola, and has revolutionized her hair look.
  • Alessia Marcuzzi has been taking a break from TV for over a year but now she is about to go back to work.
  • Of course, at the moment the debut has been postponed for a few months, but it is clear that the presenter is looking forward to starting over.
  • A few days ago she had visited the hairdresser (complete with trendy moccasins) but only in the last few hours has she changed her hairstyle.
  • It is therefore not surprising that a few days before the beginning of autumn he wanted to visit the hairdresser, so as to arrive very ready when he will officially return in front of the spotlight: here is Alessia Marcuzzi saying goodbye to monochromatic hair We have always been used to see Alessia Marcuzzi with very blond hair since the beginning of her career but in recent times she had radically changed register.
  • September 14, 2022 Alessia Marcuzzi is back from the hairdresser but this time to change color.

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