Aurora Ramazzotti, wet effect hair and no-bra: the look for the midsummer party

Sumary of Aurora Ramazzotti, wet effect hair and no-bra: the look for the midsummer party:

  • Aurora Ramazzotti in total white Aurora Ramazzotti’s summer look Aurora Ramazzotti was among the most glamorous guests of the midsummer party.
  • Illuminated swimming pool, splendid floral decorations in pastel colors, atmosphere lights and delicious food, from pasta to tacos everything was studied in detail, even the guest list, among which some of the most famous influencers of the moment stood out, by Giulia Salemi to Tommaso Zorzi.
  • The latter organized a glamorous party over the weekend and Aurora took the opportunity to give her the best in terms of style.
  • The midsummer party of Giulia De Lellis The party in which Aurora Ramazzotti took part was organized by Giulia De Lellis, who together with her partner Carlo Gussali Beretta has seen fit to give life to a midsummer party in a location dream in Forte dei Marmi.
  • She then completed it all with an emerald green bag and with a hairstyle that will prove to be perfect for the summer, or with loose hair and pulled back with the gel, so as to create an adorable wet effect.
  • Between toasts, wild dances and karaoke, the evening was literally memorable.
  • For the occasion, she gave her best in terms of style, appearing gorgeous in white Aurora Ramazzotti officially kicked off her summer: after having been on vacation with her mother Michelle Hunziker (complete with micro bikini), she is now flew to Forte dei Marmi to spend a few days with friends Tommaso Zorzi and Giulia De Lellis.

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