belen rodriguez with black hair in late summer this happens when you dye yourself

Belén Rodriguez with black hair in late summer: “This happens when you dye yourself”

Sumary of Belén Rodriguez with black hair in late summer: “This happens when you dye yourself”:

  • Belén’s change of look Belén Rodriguez’s family holidays continue: although they are giving her the opportunity to relax with her partner and children at the end of a long working year, they have prevented her from going to her Milanese hairdresser.
  • The Argentine has seen fit to do it alone by changing her look in a drastic way, just a pity that the result was not exactly what she wanted.
  • Their holidays have been going on for over a month and, not having been able to visit her trusted hairdresser, the showgirl has seen fit to do it alone, even if this meant going to meet a small unexpected .
  • Belén with black hair Belén turns into a hairdresser In recent years Belén has always remained faithful to dark brown but in the last few hours she has changed register.
  • After having immortalized herself in a costume a few days ago, she has now appeared almost unrecognizable with a new total black hair.
  • Belén Rodriguez’s summer holidays continue but, not having had the opportunity to visit the trusted hairdresser, she did it herself.
  • The two came out of the closet a few weeks ago during a boat tour of the Pontine islands and now they are in a huge villa in Albarella with Santiago, the son they had together, and Luna Marì, the second child of Argentina born from the relationship with Antonino Spinalbese.

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