curly hair all the tips to tame them in the fall

Curly hair, all the tips to tame them in the fall

Sumary of Curly hair, all the tips to tame them in the fall:

  • The latest ones have light textures like water to eliminate exposure times and make results instant with a concentrate of ingredients such as retinol, vitamins, omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • Speaking of comb, remember to always use the wide-toothed one that gives shape without puffing and ruffling.
  • “By stimulating the follicles, natural oils are distributed along the length, in particular squalene, an important constituent of sebum, which protects and lubricates” continues the expert.
  • To be applied after shampooing, focusing on the lengths, and leaving it on for a few minutes to make it penetrate at its best.
  • About twenty drops of a natural oil, almond, olive, jojoba, argan or linseed on dry or slightly dampened hair, will be enough before washing them.
  • Using the comb to define curls two to three times a day, gently massaging the scalp, can also help.
  • “The last rinse, for example, must be done with cold water, which helps seal the scales and prepare for styling” continues Reed.

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