demi moore welcomes autumn in costume summer is a state of mind

Demi Moore welcomes autumn in costume: “Summer is a state of mind”

Sumary of Demi Moore welcomes autumn in costume: “Summer is a state of mind”:

  • Apparently, the actress has no intention of putting the bikinis aside yet.
  • This is also why she continues to wear long hair, which she particularly loves, although she is aware that many people consider them little Demi Moore, swimwear model at 59: We do not become less desirable with age Demi Moore loves summer and the swimsuit In an interview with People, the actress said she felt particularly comfortable in a bathing suit and revealed that she owns about 400-500, including bikinis and two-pieces.
  • She enjoyed her holidays by the sea, also carrying out various work projects.
  • Because to welcome the cold, she has chosen the bathing suit.
  • She has created perfect costumes for women of all ages and all physicalities, in the name of inclusion, so that they could feel beautiful beyond any number or size.
  • But for Demi Moore it’s summer all year round: it’s her favorite season, the one that represents her the most.
  • In addition to acting, she has also launched herself into a new adventure, that of stylist and model.

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