Dry shampoo? The solution to save water

Sumary of Dry shampoo? The solution to save water:

  • Those with thick and oily hair, on the other hand, should look for formulas that absorb all the oil from the scalp.
  • Here we list the tricks to get the most out of this water-saving formula.
  • It is the dry shampoo, suitable for every need, which comes in three versions: Biocean, innovative formulation in mousse, Zero Stress, dry shampoo spray with formula with activated carbon and Frequent dry shampoo in spray, all revive and purify the skin, hydrating it and making it each hair voluminous and flowing.
  • Rule number one, do not use it in excessive quantities, because the build-up on the scalp can lead to bacterial growth.
  • It is an effective product that volumizes, texturizes and absorbs excess oil.
  • Some hair stylists also recommend applying it the night before so that it dries all the excess sebum and obtains a natural result to the maximum.
  • If you have fine hair, go for one that lifts and volumizes the roots, avoiding powders that leave hair weighed down, better spray formulas.

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