Hair in the summer: 4 simple steps to avoid damaging them

Sumary of Hair in the summer: 4 simple steps to avoid damaging them:

  • Such as… Credits: Instagram @sarasampaio 1) Avoid thermal shocks: stop at the straightener (and if possible hair dryer) Before and during the summer it would be better to give up extremely elaborate styling.
  • Long exposures and swimming in the sea and in the pool jeopardize the beauty of the hair, with the result that after three months it will appear dry and brittle.
  • One more tip: in the case of bleached hair, always choose treatments such as moisturizing and nourishing shampoos and conditioners, which protect the color and maintain softness.
  • Among the products to take on holiday there are masks (also in their natural and do-it-yourself version) to be applied on damp hair and kept on even all night, to create a protective film around the stems.
  • It will not be necessary to go from long hair to a pixie cut, but just cut those 5 cm necessary to eliminate split ends.
  • Hair in the summer: 4 simple steps to avoid ruining it on vacation – iO Woman Not just scarves, hats and sun protection, in summer the hair needs extra attention to avoid the straw effect.
  • Bleaches, highlights and any type of capillary alteration could stress the hair even before reaching the beach, with the result of a dehydrated, weakened and dry hair beyond measure.

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