Hair: moisture-wicking hairstyles perfect from morning to night

Sumary of Hair: moisture-wicking hairstyles perfect from morning to night:

  • Difficult to keep the hair at bay and avoid the dreaded frizz effect, even now that August is drawing to a close.
  • Fault of an extreme need for hydration: dry hair, in fact, tends to attract water and, for this reason, it becomes moist.
  • From Megan Fox to Zendaya, from Bella Hadid to the Kardashian sisters, there isn’t a famous one who hasn’t tried it.
  • Wet effect hair, like Zendaya and the Kardashian sisters The wet look is always beautiful (and of great impact), that is the wet effect hair style that celebs love so much.
  • Sky high temperatures and humidity have been the constant of this very hot summer, with important consequences, not only on the mood (you are more susceptible, it is useless to try to deny it) but also on the hair: raise your hand if, at least once, you do not have had management difficulties, both on vacation and in the city.
  • After drying, use the product to obtain a sleek effect on the top of the head and tie the hair into a ponytail, higher or lower.
  • Et voilà, you will be very ready to face any day, even the most demanding.

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