how blonde hair changes for autumn 2022

How blonde hair changes for autumn 2022

Sumary of How blonde hair changes for autumn 2022:

  • «With the no-limits Flow Color technique, different ways of positioning the lightening are combined, for example along the entire length or only on the tips, which define the rhythm, or the chromatic movement.
  • «The new blonde is always an artistic creation thanks to innovative lightening formulations.
  • Help to achieve real customization comes from increasingly advanced systems designed to obtain truly tailor made, unique and inimitable colors, which aim to duplicate the effect transmitted by untreated hair, enlivened by luminous reflections similar to those emanating from children’s locks.
  • Appropriately combined, these light and dark create the so-called flows of color that give light and depth according to individual needs and desires »continues Neri.
  • The Century of Light Tolerance by Davines, for example, is a new super delicate lightening oil: it allows up to three levels of progressive bleaching »says Tommaso Incamicia, Owner and Founder My Place Studio.
  • «The search for the ideal tone is constantly evolving, and concerns not so much the distribution procedures, but the development of performing products.
  • The techniques for blondes are increasingly sophisticated and avant-garde.

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