jennifer lopez changes color of hair and chooses a cool brown

Jennifer Lopez changes color (of hair) and chooses a cool brown

Sumary of Jennifer Lopez changes color (of hair) and chooses a cool brown:

  • And smart: the mélange obtained between blond and cold brown is an optimal solution for those who want to blend their first white hair without distorting their look excessively.
  • This is confirmed by the latest hairlook of singer Jennifer Lopez who has decided to change her hair color again, choosing an innovative mushroom brown – an ash brown with balayage on the tips.
  • How to keep cool brown at home Compared to white or blonde hair, dark hair apparently looks easier to maintain, from the color front.
  • Jennifer Lopez, the new cold brown hair color JLo’s new haircolor is called mushroom brown and is a cold brown that starts from a preferably dark base and is faceted in shades of gray and ash thanks to the balayage technique.
  • Subsequently, serums and moisturizing fluids are recommended that deeply nourish dyed hair and enhance its shine.
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  • Well, they also need specific care and ad hoc treatments once at home to guarantee brightness and softness to the hair.

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