laser hair removal why choose it

Laser hair removal: why choose it

Sumary of Laser hair removal: why choose it:

  • “The extreme speed and the ability to treat even the darkest and most tanned skin, albeit with due caution,” explains Dr. Luca Lecciso, plastic surgeon.
  • In case the patient decides to start the treatment now, and therefore late spring, he can still suspend it in the summer, do the waxing, and continue to return ».
  • Especially now, in the middle of the summer and at the dawn of the hottest months of the year, the desire for a permanent goodbye to hair becomes even stronger.
  • “It can be done at any time of the year trying to avoid the hottest months with the greatest sun exposure, although this type of laser has no particular limits.
  • Like the laser Again by the Florentine DEKA, a reality of the El.En group, winner of the best lasers, lights and energy based devices award at the AMWC world congress of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging that took place in Montecarlo.
  • As a precaution, before starting the treatment, we allow ten days to pass from the last sun exposure and ask you to wait another ten after the treatment.
  • Among its advantages, in addition to very quick and painless sessions, there is the possibility of treating even the darkest and most tanned skin, obviously with the right amount of caution.

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