long hair autumn 2022 soft or plumb fall

Long hair autumn 2022: soft or plumb fall

Sumary of Long hair autumn 2022: soft or plumb fall:

  • Long hair autumn 2022: yes to extreme measures Archived in most cases the blow-drying, which makes it a bit doll-like, simple cuts are favored to manage even at home: beautiful to look at loose and interesting when held by low and fluffy buns.
  • “There is a great desire to get out of clichés, and once the sashes have been overcome, those who want to continue to experience the thrill of flowing hair do so calmly without fear of criticism.
  • In the other half of the sky, then, there are the very young, who continue to appreciate and love long hair, but not only as a seductive element.
  • “They are increasingly considered a pleasant detail to feel on, a sort of accessory to play with and spruce up, to keep loose or gathered according to the mood of the moment” concludes the expert.
  • The question of whether the locks should exceed the décolleté or not at a mature age is now closed.
  • These details become protagonists and transform the hairstyle when you opt for a high crop, with shorter tufts that can be kept in front of or behind the ear, infinitely multiplying the possibilities for change “.
  • The fringe is an increasingly popular decoration, especially on maxi lengths.

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