sarah jessica parker stop saying that gray hair makes me brave

Sarah Jessica Parker: “Stop saying that gray hair makes me brave”

Sumary of Sarah Jessica Parker: “Stop saying that gray hair makes me brave”:

  • “Sarah Jessica Parker has gone gray” and “Sarah Jessica Parker’s courage,” the beauty journalists had titled, making those stolen photos viral.
  • “When I was presented with RoC’s Look Forward Project and its commitment to supporting women to adopt an optimistic vision of their future, I felt strongly involved and called to give my contribution to be able to promote this theme” commented Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • The point of view of the Hollywood star, who celebrated 57 years of age last March: “I just don’t understand And returning for a moment to the photos taken by the paparazzi in the New York club:” At the same table with me was my friend The RoC Look Forward Project is accompanied by the launch of a dedicated online portal that presents the new research conducted by the brand on this topic, together with practical insights and advice offered by a selection of professionals and experts on the difference that optimism can make in the aging process.
  • Today the person who is directly interested in the American magazine Allure talks about it: «A conversation was born about how brave she was for showing me with gray hair», recalls the protagonist of Sex and the City.
  • Those reflections were blonde locks faded by the summer sun ”, explains the actress, who became world famous as Carrie Bradshaw.
  • 93% of women expressed interest in learning about activities, exercises or tools that can help them bring optimism into their life.
  • With her make-up removed, with her long wavy hair pulled back, she seemed to have entered the gray hair don t care club, that is, women tired of dyeing their gray hair (see Parker’s colleague Andie MacDowell, who switched to silver hair in pandemic).

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