The best pre-depilation leg scrub products

Sumary of The best pre-depilation leg scrub products:

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  • Getting rid of excess hair that peeks out on your legs also requires a precise routine.
  • «In the new ritual, the initial phase is dedicated to the scrub, in turn divided into 5 moments: a mechanical brushing with a brush with horsehair and copper bristles that purifies and stimulates microcirculation; an enzymatic peeling
  • This step also improves regrowth that develops perpendicular to the skin surface, avoiding the formation of annoying imperfections », explains Marika Cangelosi, beautician and trainer for 2G Beauty Communication.
  • The pre-depilation leg scrub is an essential step Deep cleaning the skin is such an essential step that it is one of the key points of a new protocol for the elimination of unwanted hair, which guarantees a long-lasting result without annoying imperfections .
  • «Also called gommage, it removes the thickening generated by cell turnover and brings out the hairs, which in this way can be cut with a razor blade or eradicated with waxing more easily.

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