the perfect office makeup there he is

The perfect office makeup? There he is

Sumary of The perfect office makeup? There he is:

  • Medium or light skin and hair On women with these characteristics, tan most of the time struggles to appear and when it does, it does not last long enough to still be present at the time of the back to office.
  • On the eyes and lips, however, the perfect office look differs depending on the complexion but not only.
  • If the result you want to achieve is an impalpable make-up, it is better to use a brown pencil, if instead you prefer more intensity the classic black is perfect.
  • “Before starting to put on make-up it is good to remember that in autumn subjecting the skin to a thorough skincare is essential because after months of sun exposure it appears drier, dehydrated and needs to be nourished with rich creams and serums that act in depth,” he explains.
  • In order not to give in to despair and face busy days full of energy and good mood, a make-up that makes you feel good can help, as confirmed by make-up artist Luna Taddonio, to whom we asked for some tips for the perfect office beauty look.
  • Beginning that coincides with the return to the office accompanied by a tan that progressively goes away, a granite demonstration of how the holidays are now only a distant memory.
  • Always light base Even if the tan is no longer at its best, very often the skin in the first weeks of autumn has not yet returned exactly to its standard color but is slightly darker.

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