Definitive laser hair removal or pulsed light, the differences

Definitive laser hair removal or pulsed light, the differences

Sumary of Definitive laser hair removal or pulsed light, the differences:

  • Then there is a distinction to be made: the laser and pulsed light devices supplied to the doctor are more powerful and therefore effective than those supplied to the beautician, so the latter will require more sessions than those that are done by the doctor Finally, let’s open a parenthesis on devices for domestic use: obviously, they have very low powers, therefore they slow down the growth of the hair if used consistently but cannot be considered definitive epilation methods ».
  • After all, how can you not take it into consideration, the freedom it promises is unique.
  • Alexandrite is used on people with very light skin, neodymium yag on pigmented skin, for example on colored subjects.
  • Laser hair removal and pulsed light: identikit “The two methods are very similar, both exploit a light energy that is transformed into thermal energy, or heat, what changes in the two methods is the wavelength: the laser emits a single type of light, a single wavelength that is absorbed only by the melanin contained in the hair bulb, while pulsed light contains practically all wavelengths, including that for epilation, which are cut by filters for select its use.
  • This is why the laser works well on thick hair such as those of the groin, armpits and mid-leg and the darker they are, the more effective the laser will be.
  • After all, this is a bit what we all think when we consider choosing a permanent hair removal treatment.
  • Pulsed light, on the other hand, containing a beam of different wavelengths which also contains that for epilation, does not allow the use of high powers, because the light produced is also absorbed by the skin with the risk of burns ” .

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