aldo nove feel that poetry

Aldo Nove: “Feel that poetry”

Sumary of Aldo Nove: “Feel that poetry”:

  • As a child I was very shy and I was always alone, and then I read, I read a lot, but then I had the desire to try to write and this thing remained: it has become my great love, my job ».
  • I also wrote a book about it, published in 2016: In the beginning it was perfume (Skira), and it tells about this tangle of smells incredibly present in our life, which triggers memories on an emotional level.
  • In reality, everyone knows him as Aldo Nove, one of those “cannibal” writers of the nineties, those who, with crudeness and even a certain violence, told without any indulgence the manias and obsessions of their times.
  • He is in Versailles, and there they taught me to create eau de parfum, as well as to recognize them.
  • «My mother was a perfumer and I think she was the one who passed on this passion to me.
  • The sense of smell is a sense that we neglect, but it is important, fundamental “.
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