how to explain to a child that grandparents are gone

How to explain to a child that grandparents are gone

Sumary of How to explain to a child that grandparents are gone:

  • On the contrary, avoiding using only formulas like she went to heaven or became a star: this is because the child, especially if small, can be confused by formulas of this type whose meaning he does not fully understand.
  • In general, the important thing is to always try to use clear words, specifically, to use the word death in sentences such as the grandmother is dead or the uncle is dead.
  • According to the Daily Mail, in fact, Kate and William would have questioned for a long time about the possibility of bringing their children to the funeral but they would then have made the decision to let them participate also at the suggestion of the royal advisers.
  • Professor, how do you explain the loss of a loved one, such as a grandfather, to a child?
  • We asked Professor Valentina Tobia, a psychologist and researcher in Developmental Psychology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University.
  • Kate Middleton arrives in Westminster with her children George and Charlotte Nick Potts Louis seems to be asking a lot of questions, the eldest, George, seems more aware of what has happened.
  • What words Kate used to talk to her children about her great-grandmother’s death is not known: what is certain is that the disappearance of a loved one is a difficult subject to deal with with children.

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