pierpaolo piccioli invites young people to vote hate is fear homophobia is regression

Pierpaolo Piccioli invites young people to vote: “Hate is fear, homophobia is regression”

Sumary of Pierpaolo Piccioli invites young people to vote: “Hate is fear, homophobia is regression”:

  • As a parent open to dialogue and comparison, he in turn learned something from his three children Benedetta, Stella and Pietro: They taught us that there is not only the female and male gender but many others, exactly like in nature, exactly like always.
  • Pierpaolo Piccioli’s call to vote Sure that building a better world is possible, Pierpaolo Piccioli invited everyone, especially young people, to go to the polls on Sunday 25 September.
  • Political elections are the moment in which to make one’s voice heard, in which to express one’s vision of the world and above all of the future.
  • In the political elections: in view of September 25 Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, invited young people to go to the polls, in the name of a better world.
  • With Milan Fashion Week coming to life, the stylists and creative directors of the main Maison are overwhelmed by the fashion shows, to bring the new Spring-Summer 2023 collections to the catwalk.
  • Valentino, the parade in Paris is all pink: beauty is rebellion against stereotypes The designer has decided not to silence his concerns but to externalize them, in line with the values ​​he believes in: equality, freedom, brotherhood.
  • Pierpaolo Piccioli’s words Pierpaolo Piccioli defined himself as a leftist, in the long post shared on Instagram.

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