the brain of fathers shrinks after the first child

The brain of fathers “shrinks” after the first child

Sumary of The brain of fathers “shrinks” after the first child:

  • Not only that: 17 Spanish men without children were also scanned as a control group.
  • The results first revealed that the men did not undergo changes in their limbic subcortical networks, as seems to happen to the female mothers.
  • Something had already been seen on fathers, to be honest, but in a series of studies very little To get to the result they used imaging tools such as magnetic resonance to evaluate the brains of 40 heterosexual new fathers, half of whom reside in Spain and able to participate in comparison scans before and after giving birth.
  • However, they showed signs of brain changes in their cortical gray matter, the area of ​​the brain largely involved in social understanding.
  • Not only that: reductions in the volume of their visual system were also found.
  • Of the visual system in helping fathers to recognize their children and respond accordingly, a hypothesis that will be confirmed by future studies “explain the authors of the survey.
  • Of all of them, the researchers measured the volume, thickness, and structural properties of men’s brains.

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