the pink closet to hold weekend fashion fair in gandhidham

The Pink Closet to hold weekend fashion fair in Gandhidham

Sumary of The Pink Closet to hold weekend fashion fair in Gandhidham:

  • The business-to-customer event will feature product categories including ethnic wear, western unconcerned wear, adornment, footwear, care goods, children’s wear, residence décor, containers, accessories, and benefaction items among others.
  • The Pink Closet aims to transport together occasion wear and bridal names from across the country from June 25 to 26 to give the area’s shoppers the possibility to spy new labels and give names a possibility to break into a non-metro market.
  • The Pink Closet describes itself as Gandhidham first payment fashion event – The Pink Closet- Facebook The event will take place at the Rann Hotel Raddison in Gandhidham in Kutch, Gujarat and will also feature a selection of bites and desserts, the event organisers announced on Facebook.

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