Paternity leave in 2022: duration, terms, amount

Sumary of Paternity leave in 2022: duration, terms, amount:

  • If we add together the three days of birth leave and the four days of paternity leave to be taken from birth, you will have a total of seven days to take as soon as your little one arrives.
  • Birth leave, lasting three days, is paid for by the employer, while the 25 days of paternity leave will be compensated by Social Security, via daily allowances.
  • It is important to distinguish between the two types of leave on the occasion of a birth: paternity and adoption leave and birth leave.
  • The birth leave of three working days must be taken soon after the birth of the child.
  • How to take paternity leave Paternity leave is open regardless of seniority and regardless of the type of employment contract (permanent, fixed-term, temporary, etc.).
  • It was about time: on July 1, 2021, the duration of paternity leave was extended from 11 to 25 days!
  • Since January 2002, all young salaried fathers in France have been entitled to 11 days of paternity leave, plus 3 days of birth leave.

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