Mismatched nails: the colorful nail art of the summer

Mismatched nails: the colorful nail art of the summer

Sumary of Mismatched nails: the colorful nail art of the summer:

  • Summer nails are mismatched, that is, unmatched: contrasting colors, geometries and whimsical nail art for a lively and brilliant manicure.
  • Astra, on the other hand, offers Pure Beauty Natural Nail, nail polishes formulated with raw materials of biological origin and non-traditional solvents: it contains bio-ethylene extracted from sugar beet and nitrocellulose, for a total of up to 80% of ingredients of natural origin.
  • The ideal colors for this type of manicure are bright and vibrant colors: among the novelties to try there is the new OPI nail polish collection, the Power of Hue, where you will find bright and lively colors such as orange, bright yellow , bright green and light blue.
  • Whether they are nails with different colors, colored French manicures or little color block geometric decorations Mismatched nails: the manicure of summer 2022 The nail trend that is popular for summer 2022 is the mismatched manicure: it literally means unpaired and wants precisely colors to contrast between them, with combinations that you do not expect.
  • There are no precise rules and no limits to the imagination: to create the trendiest manicure of the moment, just combine glazes of different colors on the nails.
  • For a quick-drying manicure you should also try the Quick Dry by deBBY, perfect for having your hands always tidy in no time.

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