Cher is the new face of Balmain

cher is the new face of balmain

Sumary of Cher is the new face of Balmain:

  • For me, these designs evoke the great shields carried by the brave superheroes of my youth—and I really love the concept of our Balmain Blaze adding an empowering sensation of invincibility as the magnificent final tap for every ensemble .
  • BalmainObviously, Cher history of successes, records, awards, activism and culturally defining moments makes it clear that she perfectly embodies the term trailblazer, said Rousteing in a release.
  • When Cher made a surprise cameo appearance for the finale of the Balmain SS23 fashion show in Paris in September, the crowds of Balmain devotees who’d scored a ticket (all 10,000 of them) went wild, while fashion insiders wondered.
  • BalmainThe Blaze bag design rifs on the protective armour of trailblazing superheroes while the sculptural silhouette nods to the brands sharp tailoring.

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