decoding the dress code what to wear to a wedding now

Decoding the dress code: What to wear to a wedding now

Sumary of Decoding the dress code: What to wear to a wedding now:

  • A cousin of smart casual or semiformal, the dressy casual aesthetic expects guests to wear outfits that are fancier than what you might wear to work, but less refined than for formal and cocktail events, said Monica Mercuri, assistant fashion commerce editor for The Knot.
  • If you’re planning a wedding with an unusual dress code, communicate your vision to guests in advance, said Michelle Cousins, the possessor and lead designer of the Salt Lake City-based Michelle Leo Events.
  • Weddings with canyons and cactuses as the background may be pretty, but unless the couple is content with guests in bandannas and hiking boots, dressing for the occasion can be tricky.
  • With this dress code, you want to mix it up to evade predictability, said Donnell Baldwin, a new York City-based stylist, graphic consultant and a founder of Baldwin Style, a boutique wardrobe styling business.

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