in paris givenchy street and avant garde bianca saunders

In Paris, Givenchy street and avant-garde Bianca Saunders

Sumary of In Paris, Givenchy street and avant-garde Bianca Saunders:

  • The man of Givenchy according to Matthew Williams: a dynamic and elegant urban nomad, passionate about extreme sports, who wears superb trousers with zip, technical parkas and incredible nylon dusters.
  • Studded logos on the back of black sweatshirts with varsity lettering, imprinted on the hem of mujahideen cashmere caps, highlighted on white boxers peeking out from jeans, Marky Mark style, and painted on neon orange and green sweatshirts.
  • Givenchy: escalation of logos Givenchy has ventured into the most extreme logomania.
  • After that, almost every look featured a G or a Givenchy.
  • It must be said that Matthew Williams was entrusted with the reins of the historic French fashion house little of him.
  • See the fashion show Bianca Saunders: urban and sculptural tailoring Sculptural street style by Bianca Saunders, a British designer who has managed to create a recognizable universe and a thriving brand in just five years.
  • Italian version of Size of the text Italian version of On a torrid Wednesday in Paris, Givenchy indulged in unbridled logomania, while rising star Bianca Saunders opened the day with an avant-garde collection imbued with urban and sculptural tailoring.

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