paris mens fashion week givenchy and bianca saunders

Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Givenchy and Bianca Saunders

Sumary of Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Givenchy and Bianca Saunders:

  • At the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, the honored French house Givenchy and the young British brand Bianca Saunders each came up with their own take on street style.
  • Bianca Saunders: Bianca Saunders sculptural cut Bianca Saunders, a British designer who has done an impressive job in five years, introduced a sculptural street style.
  • Mostly the codes laid down by Riccardo Tisci, and not by the six other successor designers of the brand’s founder, Hubert de Givenchy.
  • The designer outlined the key theme of the collection already in the first look.
  • The set included an ecru-colored baseball jacket, “printed” with recognizable four-G rectangles, the company letters were the numbers “1952”, the date the fashion house was founded.
  • Among the undoubted successes of the author of the collection are magnificent A-line jeans with very successful inserts and elegant jackets.
  • Bianchi’s great talent is ennobling modest fabrics such as denim and fine cotton with couture cuts.

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