The 6 coolest street dance styles of the moment

Sumary of The 6 coolest street dance styles of the moment:

  • Underground clubs have thus become a place of freedom and expression.
  • Hip-hop, locking and popping were a means of conveying deep and often unspeakable emotions.
  • People went to clubs or the streets looking for more than a party.
  • The gospel vibes, powerful bass and mesmerizing house lyrics created the perfect atmosphere for it.
  • But it was also the opportunity to get to know and experience all the styles of street dance more closely: Hip Hop, House, Locking, Popping, Waacking and Vogueing.
  • But let’s take a closer look at these styles, scrolling the article to the bottom.
  • Beyond the global visibility that these dance styles have today, also thanks to the sounding board on Tik Tok and Instagram, why is it important to know their history?

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