nikki wolff joins kvd beauty as global director of artistry

Published Jun 11, 2021 Reading time 2 minutes Download Print Text size aA+ aA- Published Jun 11, 2021 Tattoo-inspired vegan beauty brand, KVD Beauty, founded as Kat Von D Beauty, announced on Thursday British makeup artist Nikki Wolff, as its new global director of artistry.. – KVD Beauty As part of the role, Wolff will consult on new product development and innovation as well as serve as a lead artist on KVD Beauty’s branded campaigns and marketing efforts.. She equally joins the Global Veritas Artistry team with includes Germany Christian Schild, France Fanny Maurer, and more.. Wolff has worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Yara Shahida, and Kendall Jenner, among many others, and is best known for creating glamorous, graphic looks and mastering the so-called natural glow.. Her work has gained her a massive fan following of over 1.7 million on Instagram under her eponymous handle @Nikki_Makeup.. “We have been following her career since the very beginning and have been in constant awe at the influence she has had – she’s become an Instagram celebrity in her own right!. We are excited for her involvement in the product development process as KVD Beauty continues to deliver tattoo-inspired makeup to consumers.”. Today, she boasts a repertoire of clients that include A-list celebrities and socialites, while her work has been featured in top editorials such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire.. “KVD Beauty continues to amaze me with their innovation of high quality and high-performance makeup, truly representing next-level artistry,”. “As a member of the makeup artist community, I’ve always counted on the brand to deliver versatile products that have aided me in editorial shoots, red carpets and more.. Being a great makeup artist is all about experimentation and practice and their products give me the creative freedom to do so.”

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25 octopus tattoos for marine loving men

If you want a tattoo that can instill fear in others, and is a symbol of danger, mystery, intelligence, and illusion, then an octopus is just what you’ve been looking for.. The octopus is respected and feared, inspiring folklore and legends and making sailors worry for their lives at sea.. Some are brightly colored and highly venomous, and others that will just release a squirt of ink as they use their skills at deception to outwit and escape.. The octopus is an interesting and detailed animal, and this ink lends itself well to several placements, whether that is covering your entire back or the middle of your hand.. It makes sense that those at sea would then fear the octopus and the combination of the beast with an anchor is a common theme.. The creature is associated with many things, including deception, intelligence, mystery, flexibility, and unpredictability.. It could also be an option for someone who wants calm in their life but understands that they must face uncertainties and dangers.. Regardless of how you choose to interpret the meaning of these images, it makes for a striking design and one that you will be proud to show off.. Octopus and Skull Tattoo When you look at an octopus and skull tattoo, you may think of death, mystery, and danger, and this is a great choice for a man who wants an intimidating yet thoughtful design.. other times, it is associated with rebirth and renewal, but the symbolism becomes even more powerful when combined with a human skull.. You may also get inked with these designs to show you are not afraid, you can handle whatever life throws at you, and you have an unbreakable spirit.. Octopus Arm Tattoo If you’re looking for a visible yet easy location to cover up that is also low on the pain scale, look no further than an arm tattoo.. Of the many pros to this location, perhaps one of the best is how a tattoo on your arm can enhance your muscles or give you a badass appearance.. You can let it wrap around with its tentacles or opt for a smaller design that fits the width of your arm perfectly.. The upper arm is usually more versatile than the forearm as you can cover it easier, but you can use as much or as little space as you desire.. Octopus Shoulder Tattoo The octopus is an incredibly detailed creature, with beautiful tentacles and often with vivid colors and patterns.. Although you can opt for a simple or cartoonish approach, if you choose something realistic, you want to pick a placement that allows for enough detail.. It is one of the least painful options, meaning you will likely be able to withstand the discomfort of a large design.. An octopus looks fantastic in this area because it can wrap around the upper arm, or the tentacles can continue down your arm or across your chest, meaning you won’t be limited with sizing.. The style has become popular worldwide, although whether or not to get body art like this is a topic of much debate.. If you have done your research and decide that a Polynesian octopus tattoo is something you want, there is no denying it makes for a striking design.. The technique is incredibly detailed, so you will need to get it in a location with enough space to allow for this.. It was once a location reserved for delinquents or those on the fringe of society, but it is becoming more popular in modern times.. There is a lot to love about this spot, namely its visibility so that you can proudly show off your artwork every day.. This also creates an element of movement, so when you wiggle your fingers, it will look as though your octopus is in motion.. It may seem like an unusual combination, one of the largest land-living animals in the world and a sea-dwelling creature, but the joining of these animals represents strength and rebirth.. Both are associated with intelligence, and this could be a great piece for someone who wants to show how incredible and adaptable animals can be.. Red Octopus Tattoo Octopus tattoos are a great choice because there are so many different designs to choose from.. It could also be a sign to back off or that the wearer is not to be messed with because these creatures tend to have sharp peaks, can bite and spit venom.. One drawback to small ink is that they need to be relatively simple as you cannot add too much detail as these pieces will not age well.. Japanese Octopus Tattoo Japanese tattoos have a very distinct style, often created using a mix of black and grey and a limited but vibrant color palette.. Opting for an octopus is a design that has symbolism in Japanese culture, and there is a mythical tale of the Akkorokamui.. If you see the good and evil in things or recognize we all can be kind or create hurt, this is a thoughtful and interesting design for you to get.. Watercolor Octopus Tattoo Watercolor tattoos are a style that is becoming increasingly popular because it is beautiful and bright.. This is both a pro and a con because although it makes for an incredible piece, they also tend to fade faster and are typically hard to touch up.. That said, do not let this deter you from getting the tattoo of your dreams because it works exceptionally well with an octopus design.. the watercolor effect can make your body art appear as though the squid has released ink and is hurrying to escape.. Kraken Octopus Tattoo The Kraken is a legendary monster that terrified sailors with its gigantic size and aggressive nature.. Alternatively, it could be inked by someone of Scandinavian heritage as a way to honor their roots or serve as a warning to others, or yourself, that there are things in life to be feared.. Octopus and Ship Tattoo There are stories of the eight-legged monster that dwells in the depths of the sea, and sailors would fear an encounter with this mighty beast, the Kraken.. The Kraken is associated with power and the ability to regenerate, but it was also inclined to attack and sink ships.. A popular option is to opt for the traditional American tattoo style and show the creature grabbing the vessel from below, pulling it into the murky waters.. It could be a replica or inspiration from a character, for example, Squidward from SpongeBob Square Pants, or it could just be a design created in a cartoonish way.. This is a great choice for someone who wants to celebrate a simpler time in their lives or want to have their favorite show inked onto their skin forever.. Geometric Octopus Tattoo Geometric tattoos are a style that is incredibly popular because even the most simple designs tend to be captivating.. Opting for a geometric octopus is a wonderful approach because not only will it highlight the beauty and symmetry of this creature, but both the series of patterns and the animal are associated with intelligence and mystery, so this is a good fit.. Realistic Octopus Tattoo If you have decided on an octopus tattoo because of the creature beauty and the symbolism, it makes sense to get it inked as realistically as possible.. The realism technique is incredibly popular and takes a lot of skill to create, making the image so close to the real thing that it comes alive on your skin.. It is also extremely time-consuming to complete and expensive, but few techniques are as striking as this one if you have the time and money.. Simple Octopus Tattoo When getting body art, there are so many different designs, details, and sizes to choose from.. Simple tattoos have definite appeal because they are more about the subject matter and the meaning associated with it rather than the detailing.. The most popular option is to get something minimalistic and small, but no rules are saying you have to do this.. Opting for an octopus forearm tattoo is one of the best decisions because it is a spot that will heal easily, is not considered to be high on the pain scale, and you can show it off or cover it up whenever you choose.. The creature is detailed and interesting, and the tentacles can wrap around your arm, or you can choose a piece that goes straight up and down.. If you choose your artwork to extend onto your wrist and hand, this makes a bold statement, but be aware that it is not as versatile.. Octopus Sleeve Tattoo A sleeve tattoo is a wonderful choice for someone who wants body art with a lot of detail.. A sleeve is more versatile than you may initially think and can easily be covered with a long top or shown off whenever you want.. If you decide to get a large octopus design, you could be looking at a lengthy session, especially if you opt for colored ink.. you can look down on your piece every day and remember the reason you chose such a symbolic and beautiful creature.. Alternatively, if you’re someone who likes to show off their strength and that the pain of body art doesn’t bother them, then this is the location for you.. You should also consider potential stretching due to muscle gain, although this is not likely to be significant.. Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo If there is one creature you don’t want to mess with, it the blue-ringed octopus, but it does make for a great tattoo.. These highly venomous creatures can be found in tide pools, and coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and should be avoided.. An individual who wants to warn others that they are not to be messed with and be treated with fear or respect will be drawn to this design.. Colorful Octopus Tattoo If you’re someone who wants a design that is bound to stand out, then why not opt for a colorful octopus tattoo?. You can opt for realistic shades like bright reds or blues and yellows, or if you prefer a more cartoonish approach, this works as well.. The octopus is such a wonderful animal for a tattoo because they are an impressive and highly adapted creature.. They are known for being masters of deception, can outwit predators and pray, and are often associated with unpredictability, mystery, and intelligence.. Other benefits of this placement include the ability to cover it up, less intense pain than on the chest or abdomen, and the location is unlikely to be warped over time;. Some species are aggressive and highly venomous, and your design can reflect that you are not to be messed with.. The tale of this mighty beast comes from Scandinavian folklore and is believed to have terrified sailors with its gigantic size and aggressive nature.. Although the Kraken is mythological, giant squids are creatures that live in the ocean’s depths, and much about them remains unknown.. Sailor tattoos can mean several things, including guidance, protection, and bringing them good luck for their voyage.. Sailors tend to get ink with a nautical theme, with popular images including a ship, an anchor, swallows, and a nautical star.

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