48k made off conwoman’s luxury art

48k made off conwoman’s luxury art

Sumary of 48k made off conwoman’s luxury art:

  • She was not seen again until her foot washed up on a beach on the NSW south coast in February 2021. It is understood the fraudulent financial adviser funnelled millions of dollars from her client accounts into her own bank accounts to fund her luxurious lifestyle.
  • One of the items for sale is a 18-carat white gold, black sapphire and diamond necklace that the auctioneer predicts will trade for between $80,0000 and $120,000. Most of the jewellery items are crafted by Australian designer Stefano Canturi.
  • Ms Caddick disappeared the day after her Dover Heights house was raided by the Australian Federal Police in connection with allegations of financial fraud.

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