That’s why Charlene of Monaco gave up her privilege (she didn’t go blank in the Vatican)

Sumary of That’s why Charlene of Monaco gave up her privilege (she didn’t go blank in the Vatican):

  • Born in South Africa, the former swimmer converted to Catholicism in 2011, three months before her wedding with Alberto as “required” by the Constitution to reign and to legitimize the succession.
  • This permission was given to “very Catholic” sovereigns and the Grimaldis up to that date did not score high enough on the Vatican scale of values.
  • The Monegasque princess, received by the pontiff together with her husband Alberto, is among the few royals who enjoy the so-called privilège du blanc, a dress code that provides that, as Catholics, a very small number of queens, princesses and duchesses can dress in white The other rulers in fact, according to a protocol that with Bergoglio has become decidedly more elastic, since they profess another religion should dress in black as a sign of respect.
  • To obtain this privilege, she who for a good part of her life was a Protestant.
  • In fact, in the vintage photos we can see Princess Grace with what the protocol outfit would be: black color, long and chaste dress with high collar and long sleeves and a black mantilla on the head, that lace veil that covers the head and part of the shoulders.
  • Only in 2013 Pope Benedict XVI allowed the royal family of the Principality to be able to dress in white.
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