what are the jewels granted at the funeral of queen elizabeth

What are the jewels “granted” at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth

Sumary of What are the jewels “granted” at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth:

  • Queen consort Camilla and Kate Middleton with pearls Why pearls are mourning jewels It seems a contradiction: pearls are the jewels of brides and, at the same time, the most suitable jewels for mourning.
  • Brilliant, yes, but without the red sparkle of ruby ​​or the glow of gold: for this reason they are the most suitable for funerals and are also the only ones we will see in Queen Elizabeth’s funeral ceremony.
  • All these jewels have one element in common: they are so-called white jewels , composed only of pearls and diamonds.
  • Even the jewels must follow some rules: which are allowed and which are not.
  • More precisely, it was Queen Victoria who launched the tradition after the death of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, her beloved husband.
  • Activate notifications to receive updates on The death of Queen Elizabeth II ACTIVATE THE UPDATES The eyes of the world are on London: today at 11 (12, Italian time) at Westminster Abbey the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrated.
  • From that moment on she wore only black clothes, influencing the fashion of the time, and she rejected colors even in jewelry.

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